Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Ron Guidry TTM Return and Ted Kluszewski 1958 Topps Purchase

I was slightly disappointed to open the return from Ron Guidry today to see that he signed the 1972 Topps Cy Young Award card in blue sharpie across the dark part of the award pictured on the card.  I wished he had signed it a bit lower, across the open, red part of the card.  Oh well, beggars can't be choosers.  It's pretty amazing that a player of his caliber signs for free (limit one per request).   Maybe I'll try again in the future.  In the meanwhile, I'll probably try to add more players to this card since there is room.

I also received an eBay purchase, adding another 1958 Topps to my set.  This time it is the Ted Kluszewski card, signed nicely in blue and authenticated by J.S.A.

I'm down to needing 90 cards of the 494-card set.  Only Koufax and Mays remain as living players that I don't have yet.  I believe Mays is unable to sign due to his poor eyesight.  Koufax occasionally signs, but the fees are way more than I could buy an authenticated card for.  I'm not sure I'll ever own either of those cards (actually, Mays is on at least two cards in the set).  They only way I could justify the cost, would be to sell other parts of my collection to fund these cards, rather than dump another few thousand dollars into this collection that is taking over my house.

I still occasionally buy some comics, Mego action figures and Star Wars toys that have my family convinced that I am a full-on hoarder.  My basement is starting to look like it as well, as I have fallen behind on putting things away or displaying them appropriately.

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