Friday, November 12, 2021

Two TTM Returns and Two Purchases

I think I've been spending too much this year.  I'm seeing next year as having fewer purchases and paid signings, and more ttm if I can find players to send to that don't charge.  That's getting harder to do.

Anyway, today I received two ttm returns.

Jose Cardenal signed his 1976 Topps and the 1976 Topps Cubs team card.  I had also sent a 1978 Topps Phillies team card, but he returned that unsigned.  

I checked his signing history on SCN, which shows that he'll sign multiple cards, sometimes add a card, but occasionally not sign all the cards.  He even wrote "too many cards" on the sase of someone who sent him three cards.  He has also returned any cash that people sent him, so it looks like it's best to limit your cards to two, and if there's one of those two you really want signed, it's probably best to just send that one.

I also received a return from Dan Warthen, who signed his 1976 Topps and 1976 Topps Expos team card.

I also received two purchases I made on Ebay from Tom Orr (Atommic Sports, if he still calls himself that).  I added two more 2000 Fleer Greats of the Game signed cards to my collection: Lou Brock and Bob Gibson.  I now have 60 out of the 107 cards.  There are also probably 9 or 10 players in the set that passed away before the sent was released.

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