Thursday, November 04, 2021

Another Day with Four Returns

The returns have been pretty consistent, but I haven't sent any out in about a week, so it might slow down soon.

Today I got back a 1955 Topps doubleheader card signed by Billy Gardner.  I wish I had worked on this set 15 years ago when many of these players were still around.  There aren't too many players on these cards still living that also sign.

Charlie Maxwell signed his 1955 Bowman for his $5 fee.

Jim Perry signed his 1973 Topps and added his Cy Young Award inscription for his $5 fee, which goes to charity, according to the note he included.

And finally, Chuck Seelbach signed his 1973 Topps and the 1973 Topps Tigers team card in black, nearly invisible ink, which also smeared on his individual card.  If you're planning on sending to him, you might want to send him a new pen!

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