Thursday, April 29, 2021

Despite Four Returns, A Disappointing Day

My Informed Delivery email showed one return today, so I was happy to see four returns in the mailbox.  At least until I started opening them.

First, the sase from my request to Steve Garvey was unsealed, with my two unsigned cards inside and $10 bill missing.  I'm guessing this one was some type of problem with the mail and maybe my original letter got torn in the sorting machines or something.  Where's my ten bucks though!?!

Next, I opened an sase from Will Clark, who was generously signing for free in the past, but now includes a letter requesting a donation to a charity in the amount of $20 per card.  I received my card back unsigned.

The next return was slightly better.  I had sent two cards and $20 to Jim Rice, who had been signing for $10 per card.  He signed my 1985 Topps nicely, but returned the 1976 Topps unsigned.  On the back of my sase, he (or someone) wrote, "$20 Per Card".  I guess he's raised his prices.  $20 still isn't bad for a Hall of Famer, but it's not the bargain that $10 was.

Finally, Gary Wheelock signed his 1978 Topps for me, helping me reach the halfway point of my goal of getting 50 more cards signed from this set this year.  

So I ended on a strong note, but after sending out 6 cards and $30, it's disappointing to only have two cards back signed.  Oh well, that's how it goes in this hobby sometimes.


Matt said...

Jim Rice has one of the nicest signatures I've seen from any athlete. He's got great handwriting.

Droidtrader said...

I agree! He does a nice job signing his cards.