Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Ron Pruitt TTM Return

It's been pretty slow lately so I was happy to see a return in the mailbox today.

Ron Pruitt signed his 1977, 1978, 1979 and 1980 Topps for me in a little over two months.

I am potentially starting a new project.  I came across the 1977 Pepsi discs that were inserted into Pepsi cartons (of bottles!) with a circular baseball card with a player picture and and a little biographical information.  But no stats.  The discs are perforated within a baseball glove and tab that allow you to order a t-shirt with a player's picture, and your name on it, oddly.

Anyway, they look kind of cool.  I ordered about 20 of them of potential signers.  I sent one out today to Al Hrabosky as a test.

The problem is their size.  They are a little over 9 inches tall, and about 5 inches wide.  So, they don't fit in the standard envelopes I typically use to send cards.

I bought two sizes of manila envelopes: 6x9 and 10x13.  The 6x9 isn't quite tall enough, so I folded the flap a little higher up so the card will fit in it.  I also removed the two metal clasps so the player doesn't try to fold it lower again to make the clasps fit.  I am worried that when they seal the envelope, the glue may be exposed and actually stick to the card.

I used one stamp on the 6x9 SASE, and two stamps, plus another old 6-cent stamp on the outgoing 10x13 as the postage I calculated on the USPS site was $1.15.  The 10x13 really seems like overkill going out as it's pretty large.  I saw there are some 9.5" x 6.5" envelopes on Amazon.  I may give those a shot if this first tests goes okay.

I'm concerned the post office may try to charge me for a package instead of an envelope or large envelope.  If they do, then I probably won't be sending these out because the postage would be over $6 total, which is just too much.

Any other ideas on how to mail these out inexpensively?

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