Monday, April 05, 2021

Q1 2021 Goals Update

It's a few days past the end of the first quarter, so it's time check in on my progress towards my goals for the year.

Goal:  Add 10 cards to my 1965 set.

    Progress: I've added three signed cards from the 65 set so far.  This one shouldn't be a problem.

Goal: Add 25 cards to my 1971 set. 

    Progress: I've already surpassed this one.  I've added 32 cards.  Some were purchases, but many             were ttm.  I'll probably back off this one a bit, especially on the players that charge, but there are             some I want to make sure I get even though it might cost a bit.

Goal:  Add 15 cards to my 1972 set.

    Progress: I've added eight cards to this set so far.  Like the 1965 set, this should be easy but I'll have     to spend a little money to get it done.

Goal: Add 50 cards to my 1978 set.

    Progress: So far I've added 19 cards to this set.  This should be easy to get done, even without                 spending  much money.

Goal: Add 5 signed baseballs to my collection.

    Progress:  I haven't sent or bought any yet.  It's kind of a hassle with the packaging and shipping.  I         also haven't really decided who I want to send to.  With the cost of baseballs so high, I'll only try             those players who are a sure thing to get back.

Goal:  Add 5 signed magazines to my collection.

    Progress: I've added one so far, but have two more on their way back to me that I should get back         this week.  I won't have any trouble meeting this goal.  I really like signed magazines despite the             hassle of packaging and the cost of shipping.

Goal: Send out 200 requests.

    Progress: I've sent 91 requests.  I don't anticipate a problem meeting this goal.

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