Friday, April 23, 2021

Cepeda and Murray - Private Signing Returns

I sent in a couple different items for some Tom Orr (Atommic Sports) private signings earlier this month and got them back today.

First, Orlando Cepeda signed a picture of his time playing with the Millers.  Living, in Minnesota, I have an interest in the Millers but haven't really focused on collecting too many Millers items.  I have a Gene Mauch-signed lineup card, an old souvenir cardboard visor and a couple wax cups from the stadium, but when I saw this picture online, I thought it would nice to get signed.

Next, I finally got around to getting Eddie Murray sign a card for me.  I have a ball signed by him, but no cards.  I have hesitated to spend the money as he's a bit more expensive than a lot of the older HOFer's, but decided it was time to add his autograph to my 1978 set.

I've been spending too much on the hobby lately and need to get back to just sending out some cards from the sets I already have.  I still have a ways to go to reach my goals for my 1965 and 1978 sets, and I need to send out a few baseballs as well.

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