Saturday, October 16, 2021

Rod Carew Private Signing and a Couple TTM Returns

Today I received three cards back from a Tom Orr signing with Rod Carew.  I've been spoiled over the years to be able to get Mr. Carew's autograph at a pretty cheap price at TwinsFest.  He didn't sign bats or jerseys there, but cards, balls and bobbleheads could get signed for as low as $20 when I started collecting, and probably $35 the last time I went to TwinsFest, depending on if he was at a table with someone else.

Due to his health, and not being sure if TwinsFest will ever return to what it was pre-pandemic, I decided to take the opportunity to get a few cards signed that I really wanted.  I paid more than I would have at TwinsFest (probably), but who knows when I'll have the opportunity again.

I had him sign his 1968 Topps, 1970 Topps All Star, and 1971 Topps.

His signature has changed since his health issues began, but it's actually more readable I think.

Here's a 1971 Topps my son got signed prior to his health issues.

I have quite a few of Mr. Carew's signatures.  I think I have a ball, bat, jersey, a couple magazines, several cards, a bobblehead, a John Wheeldon print, a magazine and a 1970 Twins program.  I suppose if I were able to see him at TwinsFest again I should probably get a mini helmet signed.

I also received a couple ttm returns today.

Rene Lachemann signed his 1966, 1968, 1983 and 1985 Topps for me.

And Dave Freisleben signed his 1975, 1976, 1977 and 1978 Topps.

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