Friday, October 22, 2021

Andy Kosco and Tim McCarver Returns

I was happy to see both of these returns come back today.

First, Andy Kosco signed his 1966, 1970m 1971 and 1972 Topps that I sent him last February.  I was starting to wonder if this one would come back or not.  The 1971 Topps is in the high number series, so it was relatively expensive.

Next, Tim McCarver signed a couple cards from the 1965 Topps set commemorating the Cardinal's 1964 World Series win.  Mr. McCarver charges $10 per card.  A day or two after I mailed this, I started doubting if I had included the money or not, based on what was left in my wallet.  I must have included it though, and I'm happy to add these two cards to my 1965 set.  These two cards also helped me meet my goal of adding 10 cards to the set for the year.

I've been going after more of these cards that show either play off or World Series games.  I have a couple more out to Brooks Robinson right now.  I've gotten some already from him and other players:

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