Saturday, June 26, 2021

Tommy Davis 1964 Topps Stand Up and Jim Duffalo TTM Returns

I received two returns today.

The first one is a little disappointing.  I sent a 1964 Topps Stand Up to Tommy Davis, in care of J.D. Legends Promotions.  The card was signed in black instead of blue, which I had requested on a sticky note (that was still attached to the card when I got it back!).

It was also badly creased.  This was my fault, as I sent it as I do almost all of my TTM requests, just unprotected in an envelope.  I have had bad luck using card holders and players signing the holder instead of the card itself.  And I really haven't had very many cards damaged in the mail.  Definitely just a fraction of a percent of all the requests I send out.  I mainly don't use a protector to avoid creating a hassle for the signer, who is typically elderly and who may have trouble getting the card in and out of the holders.

But in this case, since it was allegedly handled by a company, I should have used a holder.  But since they didn't use the right color pen, I'm wondering if this is a case where they simply forward on the requests to the player rather than be with them during the signing.

Anyway, I'll hang on to this card and am considering trying to upgrade it if I see a paid signing with a promoter that can help ensure better care of the card.

Jim Duffalo signed his 1962 and 1965 Topps for me.  I had already gotten him to sign his 1965 Topps back in 2008, but the pen was pretty light on that one so this is a nice upgrade.

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