Monday, June 21, 2021

Ron Guidry and Julian Javier Returns and My 1983 Set Purchase

My daily streak continues, hitting seven days in a row receiving a return on a day that mail is delivered.  Now that I'm making a big deal about it, I'm sure the returns will dry up quickly.

Ron Guidry signed his 1987 Topps for me.  Mr. Guidry signs for free, but signs just one per request.  I was thinking the 87 Topps would be the last card I'd send to him, but now that I've decided to work on the 1983 Topps set, I'll probably bother him again.

Julian Javier signed his 1970 and 1971 Topps from his home in Puerto Rico.  Mr. Javier used to line in the D.R., and I had previously included $5 with my requests to help cover return postage.  Puerto Rico uses U.S. postage, but I included the $5 anyway.  He signed my cards, and returned my $5, telling me to give it to some Foundation.

Finally, I received the 1983 Topps set I bought on Ebay.  The cards look like they are in really nice shape, and the few cards I've randomly pulled for the box also appear nicely centered.  I've decided this will be the set I focus on from the 1980's.  I really like the design, better than even the 85 and 87 sets I have casually worked on.  The seller had pulled a few of the star cards in a separate team bag, as shown in this photo:

I really don't think I'll work on a set from the 90's, but I guess I could change my mind.  I think I'll skip that decade, and move on to some of the Topps Heritage sets.  I like the 2003 and 2007 sets, and have about 100 cards signed from the 2003 set and about 30 signed from the 2007 set.

I really prefer to work on the vintage sets from before 1970, but I've gotten so many cards signed during the 18 years I've been doing ttm requests, that there aren't that many cards I need from players that sign these days.

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I can hook you up with a big starter on 2007 Heritage. (sorry, no shortprints). Email QAPLAGCA at