Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Clay Dalrymple - 1971 Topps

I received one more return today.  I like the steady rate at which I've been receiving my requests back, without getting a lot in one day, but still getting at least one almost every day.

Today I received a 1971 Topps signed by Clay Dalrymple, who signs for a $5 fee.

I also think I've figured out how to send out my 1977 Pepsi discs for a reasonable price.  I use a 6x9 manila envelope as the SASE.  With the disc and a couple cards, it stays under an ounce and at that size, is considered a "letter", so it can ship for the regular $0.55.

I put that envelope inside a 6.5x9.5 manila envelope, and that also puts the weight up to 2 ounces.  So I have to pay the large envelope cost plus the extra ounce, so it's $1.20.  Luckily, they weren't concerned about it being too rigid, so it didn't have to be sent as a package.

If I were sending out hundreds of these, I'd find a way to get the larger envelope less than 6 1/8" wide, so it would be a "letter" rather than a "large envelope", and that would cost $0.75.  But, I'm probably sending out a few dozen at most and since I've already bought the larger envelopes, I'm just going to stick with them.

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