Monday, December 28, 2009

Monte Irvin TTM Success

Today I received a couple of cards that I sent to Monte Irvin just a week ago. I sent $20 with my request. Mr. Irvin signed a 1953 Topps that I picked up at the card show my sons and I attended during the Julio Becquer signing a few weeks ago.

I also sent a 2000 Fleer Greats of the Game for my son, who says he working on the set, but hasn't sent many requests out for a while.

I bought a little over 100 cards from for my sons and me in preparation for TwinsFest. I also bought a few 8x10s on eBay. The list of players signing isn't out yet, so I just focused on the current roster.


James said...

Those are great TTM cards. I got Monte Irvin at a show a few years ago. He didn't say much, but was nice to everyone. You have to get those NY Giants when you can. Great score!

zaneaxtman said...

i thougt you forgot about this lol

N. Diunte said...

Monte is one of the most genuine and friendly old-timers in baseball period. I met him on multiple occasions and had the opportunity to talk with him on the phone and he is a class act. He is really the last living legend of the Negro Leagues, as he was on the same level with Gibson, Leonard, Paige, Bell, Dandridge, etc. before he went into World War II.

Dinged Corners said...

Agree, he's really pleasant.