Thursday, December 31, 2009

1947 Minneapolis Millers Scorebook

Another impulse buy on eBay a few weeks ago. I occasionally do a search for "Minneapolis Millers" to see what shows up. Last time I came across a scorebook from 1947.

The front cover has a characters that looks like he should be in a Popeye cartoon, along with a Clark's Super Gas ad. It's interesting that the ad mentions a money-saving price. I didn't know gas prices were a concern in 1947. I think gas was 15 to 20 cents a gallon back then.

But, take a look at the cars that were advertised. The Hudson on the back page looks like it gets 6 or 8 miles to the gallon.

The back cover has an ad for a tire supply company that had a coupon for fans to fill out and enter into a box at the exit gate for a chance to when "Two Walloping Prizes" to be given away at the final Sunday game of the season.

This particular game was against the Kansas City Blues. Some of the players from Kansas City that went on to the majors include Hank Bauer, Cliff Mapes, Steve (Bud) Souchock, Ken Silvestri and Jerry Coleman. From the Millers, Babe Barna and Jack Maguire and Bobby Rhawn had short MLB careers. Johnny McCarthy was at the end of his career, making his MLB debut in 1934. Wes Westrum moved up from the Millers to the New York Giants and played there until 1957.

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Frank Trechock from the Millers played one game in the majors: September 19th, 1937 with the Washington Senators. He played against the White Sox and the Senators won 5 to 4. He went 2-4 with a strikeout, but committed two errors.

The program is full of cigarette, liquor and car dealership ads as well as a few dairy and restaurant ads. Unfortunately, it's a little light on player bios and pictures. I really enjoy looking through these old minor league programs and see which players went on to become major league players or even Hall of Famers.

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