Saturday, December 12, 2009

Julio Becquer Signing

Today my boys and I drove to Mounds View for a Julio Becquer signing at Tom Frantzen's. The autographs were free, with a limit of two.

I got a ball and a picture signed. They had some nice pictures for sale which we bought. Mr. Becquer was very nice and didn't seem too happy about the pen selection they had. He was very particular about which pen he used, which was nice.

He signed my ball with a blue staedtler, which is sort of like a sharpie. Normally I don't like balls signed in sharpie as they tend to bleed and don't look as nice as a ballpoint, but these fine tipped pens look pretty nice and from what I hear, they don't bleed.

My older son had a 1961 Topps and a picture signed:

My younger son got a 1958 Topps and a picture signed:

We also picked up a few cards at the card show. My older son bought a 1956 Topps Bobby Thomson that he intends to send out to be signed.

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Dinged Corners said...

Bobby Thomson is a terrific signer, and he wrote a note to my daughter when he sent back the card. Wow, this is a great site, thanks for sharing your stories.