Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Several Returns Today

I received just about one of everything today: a ball, magazine, bobblehead and cards. First, I received my items from the last MLAM signings. Sal Butera signed his 1987 Twins bobblehead:

And Jack Fisher signed a 1965 Topps.

I also received a HHH Metrodome commemorative ball signed by Pete Redfern in a trade with another SCN member. I sent him two Metrodome balls to keep, and he got one of my Metrodome balls signed by Mr. Redfern and also included a 1959 Topps signed by Ralph Terry.

After about a month, I got back a 1976 Sports Illustrated signed by Carlton Fisk. Mr. Fisk is still signing via his home for a $40 fee to charity which is a pretty nice deal.

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