Sunday, November 15, 2009

Card Show and Pro Shop Finds

Today my younger son and I went to a card show at Har Mar Mall in Roseville. There were very few dealers so we were a little disappointed. I did, however, find a signed 16x20 picture of Jack Morris with a '91 World Series MVP inscription for just $40.

I also bought a 1958 Topps Sam Esposito that I intend to send out along with a 1960 Topps. I already have Mr. Esposito on a 1958 Topps, but the card is pretty rough so this will be an upgrade.

After the card show, we headed over to the Twins Pro Shop in Roseville. My son bought a game-used Denard Span cap for $30, which seemed like a good price to us. They also had some Metrodome banners like the ones I already have hanging in my basement, but from the 2009 season. I was excited to see a Mauer and Morneau banner, until I was told they are $300! That's more than I paid for my Mauer signed jersey, so I passed on them. Even the more common players were $150 and up. More than I was willing to spend today.

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