Monday, November 23, 2009

Finally Some Returns

My odd luck continues with Whitey Ford. While he signed and returned my 1954 Topps quickly, he signed it twice. Odd. This comes after he signed the penny sleeve on the 1965 Topps I sent a while ago. Not sure if I'll try another or just live with this one.

I also got a 1956 Topps signed by Gus Zernial. Mr. Zernial is a great signer through the mail and he has a lot of cards from the 50's. I have cards of his signed from 1951-1956, and 1958-1959. I have almost no 1957 Topps signed, just because I really don't like the design of the set.

Finally, I got back my 1963 Twins program signed by Camilo Pascual. He used the pen I sent and it looks really good. I hope to get Killebrew to sign it at TwinsFest this January.

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