Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Card Store Finds

No returns in the mail today although I did get some eBay purchases including some more 2008 Goudeys (Phil Niekro, Stan Musial, Lou Brock, etc) and some 8x10s of some Twins including Denard Span, Mike Redmond and Ron Gardenhire.

My sons and I went to the Twins Pro Shop (I know, I was just there yesterday, but they wanted to check it out too). My wife was thankful we didn't buy any more of the Metrodome banners, although we were tempted.

We also went to a baseball card store in Apple Valley called The Ball Park, where we found some nice old magazines for $5 each. Johnny got an old Sport magazine with Duke Snider on the cover which he intends to send off to get signed. I got a few Twins publications with Frank Viola and Kent Hrbek on them. I also got some old Sport magazines, including the one pictured here with Willie Mays on the cover from 1962. It has a Camel Cigarette ad on the back cover with Roger Maris on it. I also got old magazines with Don Drysdale and Bob Lemon on the covers. Good reading material for $5 each.

Finally, we went to Cedar Cliff Collectibles in Eagan, where Johnny got some old comics, David picked up a few Simpsons comics, and I bought the 2008 Goudey base set.

As tonight is New Year's Eve, we will be pretty busy. My wife works, so the boys and I have a dinner planned which will include Killebrew Rootbeer, crackers with cheese and salami, lefse, shrimp cocktail, pickled herring and pizza rolls. We'll have a different kind of hang over then most folks will tomorrow.

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