Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More TwinsFest Information

No returns today. I'm really just hoping to get my Whitey Ford 1965 Topps back.

I noticed today that the Twins have posted more information about TwinsFest. Specifically, the names of players and coaches scheduled to sign autographs.

No real surprises: Killebrew, Carew, Molitor, Oliva, Hrbek, etc. One name I was happy to see was Corey Koskie. I always liked him. I have a bobblehead I plan to have him sign. I also bought another Killebrew rookie card to have signed (ouch!). It will be cool though. I couldn't bring myself to get a Carew rookie card. It would be at least $100 and he's on the card with another rookie. I bought a 1968 Topps instead. I didn't notice the typical disclaimer that Carew won't sign bats or Jerseys, but I would be surprised if that doesn't show up soon. If not, I'll definitely get a bat signed.

I need Hrbek on his 1987 bobblehead. I didn't notice any other 1987 players that I don't already have.

For current players, Francisco Liriano and Delmon Young are missing from the list. It would be disappointing if they didn't attend. Also, it would make the Mauer and Morneau lines all the longer! We got both of them last year. Johnny wants Mauer and Morneau autographs. In the past, we've gone for quantity over quality. Meaning, we avoided the Mauer and Morneau lines. Lasy year they put them both at the same table. Terrible idea. It was packed 2 hours before their scheduled time and we missed out. Hopefully we'll have better luck this year.

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