Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TTM Addresses

No returns in the mail today. Tuesday, you know. I don't really have too many outstanding requests so things will be pretty slow for a while.

Occasionally I get asked where I get the addresses I use to send my requests to. During the season for current players, I send the requests right to the team address, which you can find on the teams' web site. For retired players, I use an address list I purchase from Harvey Meiselman at sportsaddresslists.com. He is now taking orders for his 2009 list. I already ordered mine.

Harvey offers lists for several sports that you can purchase individually, or you can buy the "Ultimate List Set" which includes them all. I just buy the baseball list, which is $35 shipped. This also includes periodic email updates throughout the year for addresses that have changed.

I have found the list to be very accurate and wouldn't recommend trying to collect autographs through the mail without them.

There are other lists available, which I haven't tried. From what I have read on collecting sites, Harvey's lists are the most accurate.

I have pictured a few successes here that I got using Harvey's lists from some pretty tough signers to get through the mail.

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