Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Twins Return

Today I received a 1968 Topps card signed by Cal Ermer, former Minnesota Twins Manager. (His name is actually Calvin Coolidge Ermer). Mr. Ermer is 85 years old. He signed my card twice. Not sure why. My only guess is he signed it once, set it aside, then later looked at it again, and perhaps thought his previous signature was one that was pre-printed on the card. Hard to say.

This isn't the first time I've had a card signed twice. About 5 years ago I sent a card to Don Buddin. The return envelope had been opened, and then taped shut again. I'm guessing he opened my letter, signed the card, and put it in my return envelope and sealed it. Then, he must have mistakenly opened my return envelope, thinking it was addressed to him, and signed the card. Realizing then that he had opened my return envelope, he had to tape it shut to get it back to me. I have another request out to Mr. Buddin and am hoping to get it back any day now, although his return history is pretty spotty.

Today I also received the Twins mini helmets I ordered on eBay. Now I just need to order some baseball cards of some of the minor leaguers and a few more regular twins and I'll be all set for TwinsFest.

My TwinsFest tickets arrived today too.

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