Monday, June 05, 2023

Davalillo, Holtzman and Woodward

I received twp ttm returns and one private signing return today.

The private signing was with Vic Davalillo, who lives in Venezuela.  So this signing was complicated and took a while.  I'm happy to have the opportunity, but I'm a little disappointed that the pen seems to be running out of ink so it's not a very strong signature.  Oh well.

I received a ttm return from Ken Holtzman, who signed his 1975 Topps.  He only signs one per request, and uses ballpoint.  It's a pretty messy signature, but not any worse than most of today's players.  He has a private signing coming up that was more than I was willing to pay.  I'm hoping someone posts a return from this signing so I can see if he has a different signature when he's getting paid for it.

Finally, Woody Woodward was kind enough to sign his 1964 Topps, a 1965 Braves team card, and the 1971 and 1972 Reds team cards.

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