Saturday, June 24, 2023

Claude Osteen

A few weeks ago, I received a return from Camilo Pascual, who signed a 1980 Fleer card commemorating the 1965 World Series featuring the Twins and Dodgers.

I sent that card off to Claude Osteen and received it back today.  Osteen and Pascual faced each other twice in that World Series, with each of them earning a win.

I think this is the only card I have signed by opposing pitchers.  I have a few other World Series cards from the 1980 Fleer set and I think I'll see if any of them would work to have opposing pitchers sign them.  Hopefully, the pitchers are still with us.

Mr. Osteen also signed the 1963 Senators team card, a 1974 Topps and a 1975 Topps Traded card.

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