Friday, May 19, 2023

Bernie Carbo and Ron Swoboda TTM Returns

I received two ttm returns today.  Lately I've been receiving a few of sases with no postmark on them.  I'm not sure why that happens and I guess it's not a problem.

Bernie Carbo signed (and smeared) his 1979 Topps.

And Ron Swoboda signed his 1970 Topps and the 1970 Topps World Series Game #2 card, which commemorates the 1969 game and a home run by Donn Clendenon.  Ron Swoboda is pictured as jersey #4 congratulating him after his home run.

He also answered a question in my letter.  I included his $5 per card fee.  I honestly am not sure why I sent these.  I'm glad to have them, but I don't collect the 1970 set.  I do like the cards that show a playoff or World Series game though.

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