Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Ken McBride and Dave Stenhouse

Nothing today, but I received two returns yesterday.

Ken McBride signed his 1964 Topps Stand Up for me.  I had him sign it before, but I wasn't super happy with the signature.  It was in ballpoint, as this one is, but the pen seemed to skip a bit or something.  This one isn't a whole lot better.  I was hoping for sharpie, but beggars can't be choosers.  He also signed the 1961 White Sox, 1963 Angels, and 1965 Angels team cards.

Here is the Stand Up he signed previously.  Looking at them again, it's hard to notice much of a difference, and I had to doublecheck that the scans weren't actually the same card.

Dave Stenhouse signed his 1962 Topps (already signed by Bonikowski), 1963 Fleer, and 1985 Topps.  He always seems to have his son, Mike, sign this card as well, which is really nice of them.  I really like the 85 Father/Son cards and have a few of them signed, but missed out on a couple that I really should have done when I had the chance.

He also signed the 1963 and 1965 Senators team cards.

Here are the other Father/Son cards I have from this set:

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