Monday, April 10, 2023

Joe Amalfitano TTM Return

Just one return today, which will be pretty common for a while, if I get any returns at all, since I haven't sent out many requests.

Joe Amalfitano signed his 1955 Bowman, as well as the 1961 Giants, 1963 Colt .45s, and 1965 Cubs team cards.

I've also sent a few cards in to some signings, with a few of those scheduled for this coming weekend.  After those, the remaining 4 or 5 signings are spread out between late April and early June.  The June signing is with Frank Howard.  I sent in a 1964 Topps Stand Up for that one, and I'm anxious to get that one back.

There are three signings this coming weekend to which I sent five cards each.  There was a price break at five and I had plenty of cards for Vida Blue, Joe Rudi and Gene Tenace to sign.  Tenace doesn't sign well ttm, but the other two do.  However, this signing was cheaper than their regular ttm fees, so I decided to get a bunch done.  It's also a bonus that the promoter will make sure they are signed in blue sharpie and remove some of the risks associated with ttm requests.

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