Monday, December 16, 2019

Steve Carlton - Completed 1978 Topps Victory Leaders Card

Included in my returns today was Steve Carlton, who completed the 1978 Topps Victory Leaders card for me.

I started this card just a little over two months ago by sending it to Dave Goltz.  Each player signed pretty quickly.  Goltz is the only player that doesn't charge.  Leonard charges $5 for a couple cards, Palmer charges $10 per card and Carlton charges $35. 

You never know how your ttm cards will come back.  Sometimes signed in black or another color.  Sometimes the player will sign in a weird spot or over another player, or sometimes the card gets pretty beat up in the mail.

I think all four of these guys have signed this card a lot, so they're pretty used to signing it to allow room for the others to sign.

I 'm really happy with how this one turned out.


Bryan said...

This card is amazing. I do some TTM autos too and am hoping to nail down some that have multiple players on one card. Great job completing this one!

Collecting Cutch said...

This is awesome!