Friday, December 20, 2019

Gil Coan and Dick Green Returns

Two returns today, including a really nice one from Gil Coan. 

Mr. Coan signed his 1952 Red Man and 1955 Bowman cards.  Included with this return was a note form his sons, stating that his health has declined and has moved to a care facility.  They work with to sign a few requests each day and apologized for the return taking so long!  How very nice of them and Mr. Coan to continue signing for fans despite his declining health.  Mr. Coan is 97 years old.  I think his signature still looks nice!  Way better than the vast majority of current players.

I also received a return from Dick Green, who generously signed his 1964, 1968, 1969 and 1975 Topps mini cards for me.

I have 13 requests still outstanding from the last few months that will hopefully roll in soon.  I'm not sure I'll send out too many until after Christmas, just so my requests don't get lost in the huge mail volume or ignored by the recipients during this busy time of year.

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