Friday, January 31, 2014

The Last of My TwinsFest Autographs

Just three more autographs left to post, as well as one of my older son's that I forgot.

I was very happy to have Greg Olson add his autograph to the 1991 Sports Illustrated already signed by Dan Gladden.  I had Gladden sign it in 2011.  Apparently Gladden won't sign this now without personalizing it, so I guess I'm lucky I got it when I did.

Terry Steinbach signed a Twins Magazine.  I had hoped to also have Tom Brunansky sign it, but I didn't get the chance.  Maybe next year.

Finally, on Friday night I had Jack Morris sign a Metrodome ball.  I already have one of these it turns out.

I forgot to post a picture of my son's Miguel Sano signed ball, so here it is.  I have no idea how this signature spells Miguel Sano.

That wraps up another TwinsFest.  Last year I didn't go to many in person signings around the Twin Cities.  I'll try to go to more this year, if they're available.

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Tony D. Tiger said...

He just signs SANO. He now adds his #. Kind of like Ichiro I guess LOL.