Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Johnny's Autographs From Saturday

Saturday was the first day we got wristbands to try to get Mauer and Morneau.  Johnny got both of them.  He was nice enough to get Mauer on a bat for me since he already has Mauer on lots of items.

While he was waiting in Mauer's line, I got him a few autographs down at corner #1.  Dave Goltz, Juan Berenguer and Tim Laudner all signed cards.  I gave Johnny a 1987 Topps Leaders card already signed by Frank Viola to have Laudner sign.


After Johnny got Mauer, we got in line for Morneau in case we had the lucky wristbands.  Johnny did!  He stayed in line to get his bat signed. (Another instance of Blogger rotating my image when I don't want them to).  Johnny has wanted to get Morneau to sign a bat for a long time, and went to great lengths three years ago to try to get it, as I posted about here.

After he got Morneau's autograph, he came down to the Dome floor and we got in a very long line for Valencia and Perkins.  We got through the line without any problem.  As I posted that morning, Valencia and Perkins were talking to each other and didn't even make eye contact with fans who were going through their lines.

John had them both sign cards for him.

Next we got in a line for Carl Pavano and Jason Marquis.  Johnny had them each sign a card.

Next, we took a break and sat in the stands and had a bite to eat.  We noticed Jim "Mudcat" Grant signing at the Fergie Jenkins booth so John headed down there and had him sign a 1965 Topps.

We were debating whether or not to go get Denard Span's autograph but finally decided to, even though he was all by himself and they were charging $15.  John had him sign a 2011 Topps Heritage.

Finally, we went through a line with Josh Willingham and Ryan Doumit.  John had them each sign cards.

It was a long day and we weren't feeling good as we each had a head cold we were fighting.  We had fun, but were ready to head home and get some sleep.

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Andrew said...

I have to say, I'm a little surprised to read that Perkins wasn't making eye contact with fans or otherwise mingling. The media was really portrayed him this winter as Minnesota's new "every man," which is apparently not always the case. Definitely a little disappointing. Not at all surprised to hear that about Valencia, though. I met him at last years' Justin Morneau casino night, and, of all the Twins players there, he was the only one that came of as extremely arrogant.

Great pictures and autographs, though!