Saturday, August 07, 2010

My Birthday Presents

A couple of weeks ago I ordered my birthday presents.  Since my wife and kids really have no idea what to get me for gifts, I order things and they wrap them up and give them to me. 

This year I took advantage of a Steiner Sports sale.  I bought four signed 8x10 pictures.

First, I got a nice signed picture of Ralph Kiner sliding.

Next, I got a picture of a Jim Bunning perfect game.

I also got a cool picture of Duke Snider climbing the wall to make a catch.

Lastly, I got a dual-signed picture of Bobby Thomson and Ralph Branca of Thomson's pennant-winning home run (with Branca being the losing pitcher).  Notice Jackie Robinson watching the action.  Trivia question: Who was on deck, ready to bat after Thomson?


N. Diunte said...

A young rookie named Willie Mays was left waiting in the on-deck circle after that homerun was hit.

Droidtrader said...

That's right! I didn't know that until I read the recent Willie Mays biography.