Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year! Review of 2016 Goals

Happy New Year to all my readers. Both of you :-)

I didn't do very well on my 2016 goals.  Mainly because I just didn't get very excited about the 1978 Topps set I thought I'd work on.  I really prefer the older players from the 1950's and 1960's.  Unfortunately, we've been losing quite of few of those guys.

Here's how I did:

Goal - Add three cards to my 1958 set. - I met this goal by adding four cards.

Goal - Add 10 cards to my 1963 set. - I met this goal by adding 12 cards.

Goal - Add 5 cards to my 1965 set. - I only added one card to this set this year!!!

Goal - Add 10 cards to my 1972 set. - I added exactly 10, so I met this goal.

Goal - Add 75 cards to my 1978 set. - I only added 16.  I made one or two mailings in the first half of the year but lost interest after that.

Goal - Send out 150 TTM requests - I only sent out 52, and so far have my lowest annual return rate at just 75%.  I usually have a success rate of over 90%.

Goal - Get two bobbleheads signed. - I didn't get any signed.

Goal - Get three magazines signed ttm - I didn't send out any.

I have to give some thought to my 2017 goals.  I am going to TwinsFest this year, so I might have a chance at a couple bobbleheads, although I'm running out of bobbleheads to get signed.

It's also getting tough to make much progress on my sets.  Most of my new additions are purchases, as I've sent out to most of the good signers already.

I think the highlight of my year for TTM successes was completing the 1960 Pitching Leaders card:

The highlight of my purchases was the four vintage bobbleheads I purchased off Craigslist just a couple months ago:


Unknown said...

Love the blog, been reading for years, keep it going strong in 2017!

Droidtrader said...

Thanks for reading! I'll do my best!

Unknown said...

I'm still reading....