Sunday, September 06, 2015

New Web Site For My Collection

In addition to posting on this blog, I also have a web site where I track all of my autographs.  It's not a pretty web site, just a really basic site that helps me quickly look to see if I have a particular item signed by a player, and also a way to view my collection without having to dig everything out of the various places my collection is stored.

Since I started using the internet, my ISP has always provided free web site hosting.  For some reason, Comcast decided to stop providing this service so I had to find another way to host this site.

I used Go Daddy and got my own domain:

Despite having to pay for this service now, the ftp upload and web page response time is much quicker.

I've updated the link below in the "Visit These Sites" section to reflect this change.  I also changed the contact email at the top of this blog to a new email for this domain:

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