Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update on 2012 Collecting Goals

I'm about a week and a half late updating my first quarter accomplishments towards my 2012 collecting goals, but here it goes:

2012 Collecting Goals

  • Goal: Send out 150 requests through the mail.  Status: I've sent out 70 requests so far, including 18 that I sent out just this week.  I'm well on my way, but I struggle to come up with cards to send out that I don't already have.  I may need a new set to work on.
  • Goal: Get 3 more bobbleheads signed from the 1987 Twins set.  I only need Don Baylor, Randy Bush, Mark Davidson, Greg Gagne and Les Straker to complete the living players.  Status: I got Mark Davidson and Greg Gagne to sign their bobbleheads at the Minneapolis Sports Card and Autograph Convention two weeks ago.  Now I'm down to needing just Baylor, Bush and Straker.
  • Get 8 more bobbleheads signed from the 1991 Twins set.  Status: I've already surpassed this goal, having gotten 6 of them signed at TwinsFest, as well as three others.  It will get more difficult now as I've gotten the easy ones done.
  • Reach 400 signed 1972 Topps. I have 323 so far, so I'll need to add 77 more.  Status: I have 355 signed, so I've only added 32 so far.  This will be a tough one to reach.
  • Additional sets - Add 5 more 1958 Topps (not including team cards), 15 more 1961 Topps and  10 more 1965 Topps.  Status: I've added one 1958 Topps, 9 1961 Topps, and 2 1965 Topps.  I'll have to open my wallet to make much progress on these.  The 1961 Topps goal will be easy, the other two will not.

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