Sunday, April 01, 2012

Autograph Show Wrap Up

Golf was excruciating tonight.  We were behind a very slow foursome and spent two and a half hours playing nine holes.

Anyway, the autograph show went well today.  I got five bobbleheads signed.

Greg Gagne signed three of them.  He has two bobbleheads in the 1987 Twins World Series set because they initially sent out his bobblehead as a lefty, but then sent out a correction with him as a righty.  I decided to get both of them signed, as well as his 1991 bobblehead.

I also had Mark Davidson sign his 1987 World Series bobblehead.  I forgot to get a picture of him for some reason.

The only bobbleheads left from the 1987 set that I need are Don Baylor, Randy Bush and Les Straker.  Of course, Kirby Puckett and Joe Niekro are in the set but are deceased.

I also got Jarvis Brown on a 1991 bobblehead.

I ran into Randy at the show, who I know from and ran into at TwinsFest as well.  He was working on a nice Twins World Series Wheaties box which looks to be nearly complete.  I looked around the card show a bit and bought about 30 cards to send out for autographs.

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