Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grzenda and Burnside

Today I got back a return from Joe Grzenda that had me a little confused.  I've sent to Mr. Grzenda twice now.  Once last September, and again this July.  When I received a return from him in July, just 10 days after I sent him my second request, I assumed he had sent back the request I just sent him.  It turns out,t he return I got back in July was the request I sent last September, and the return I got back today, was from last month.  However, this time, he didn't sign or return the 1971 Topps I had included.  In September, I had enclosed an extra 1972 Topps for him to keep, but he signed and returned that.  Any, today I received my third 1972 Topps signed by him.

Last week, my son received a 1958 Topps signed by Pete Burnside.  My son was out of town so he just opened it a couple of days ago.

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