Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sport Magazine Lot

Yesterday I received a group of Sport Magazines that I bought on eBay. All eight magazines are from 1959 and many of them are focused on baseball.

The June, 1959 issue has both Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle on the cover, as well as Floyd Patterson. It includes an article on Mantle by the famous Roger Kahn, and of course, great old advertisements.

For instance, Stan Musial selling BB Guns:

Whitey Ford selling talcum powder:

and great color pictures of Mantle and Snider inside.

For $3.75 each, less than the cost of a new magazine, these are great entertainment and an inexpensive piece of sports history.

I am about 80% done with the Willie Mays autobiography, thanks to my recent business trip. I think next I'll read The Boys of Summer, by Roger Kahn. I think I've read it once, but that was probably 15-20 years ago (can I really be that old?).

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James said...

Those are very cool - the old ads are the best. Chances of a player today selling BB Gun??