Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Sport Magazines

I've been looking through the lot of Sport Magazines I bought and found a few more interesting things.

The November, 1959 issue has a great picture of Harmon Killebrew and Bob Allison.

I'm no hunter, but this picture of Frank Malzone stepping into a canoe with his rifle makes me nervous. Couldn't he set it on the dock while he was getting in? This comes from the March 1959 issue.

In that same issue, an article on expanding the league points out the "new" Metropolitan Stadium as meeting all the needs of a major league club. The Twins would play there two years later.

Speaking of the Twins, they are on a streak, winning 4 in a row. 3 against the tough Angels and a rough one against the White Sox last night. J.J. Hardy is proving to be a good pick up for the team, but I think Hudson is a disappointment so far. I guess I'll give him a few more games before I decide for sure.

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