Thursday, March 18, 2010

Justin Morneau Return from Lojo Signing

Today I received items back from a Lojo Sports Justin Morneau signing. They don't provide a mail order service, but an SCN contact somehow arranged to do some mail order for them.

They weren't taking bats, but I sent in a ball, a jersey, and two mini helmets (one for one of my sons).

This sure beats standing in line for 4 hours and not getting him at TwinsFest.

About a year ago I didn't collect signed jerseys. Last year I bought a Mauer signed jersey. Then I got Nathan to sign one at TwinsFest and now I've added Morneau,

They take a lot of room to display, but I'm really starting to enjoy these jerseys. I hope to add Carew next month, and Killebrew and Oliva next year at TwinsFest. I'm not sure if I'll get any more current players, but I'm thinking about Denard Span.

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