Saturday, March 06, 2010

A Few Card Show Purchases

Today my sons and I went to the Twin Cities Sports Collectors Club ( show at the Valley West Mall in Bloomington. There were a lot of dealers there today. I picked up a handful of vintage cards that I'll send out. There's nobody in the lot I don't already have, but I"m starting to run out of guys I don't already have. I had to try to remember who were the good signers through the mail.

Included in the lot are a few 1952 Topps including Ned Garver, Johnny Schmitz, and Jim Delsing. After getting home, I discovered that Delsing passed away.

I also picked up seven 1959 Topps for $1 each.

We also stopped in Cedar Cliff Collectibles but none of us found anything there today.

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