Monday, January 04, 2010

Frank Robinson Signed Ball and Harvey's List

During the holidays I spent a fair amount of time on eBay. I picked up a few bargains, probably due to low traffic on eBay. I received one of my bargains late last week: a PSA/DNA authenticated Frank Robinson signed ball with HOF inscription.

I picked this up for less than $50 including shipping. I already have one, but this one looks a little nicer (believe it or not). Mr. Robinson tends to sign baseballs following the line of the stitching, as opposed to straight across the sweetspot.

I tried looking for the cost of his autograph at upcoming signings on, but didn't see anything listed for him. I believe his fee is usually in the $75 range, and an extra $15 or so for inscriptions.

I also received my 2010 Address List from Harvey Meiselman today ( I bought just the baseball list because that's about 99% of what I send out. The lists costs $35 and includes email updates. I easily save $35 per year by not sending to bad addresses. If you're sending requests through the mail, this is something you absolutely need to have.

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