Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Gift of Bobbleheads

My brother-in-law got some tickets to a Twins game from a friend of his who purchased season tickets. As part of buying season tickets, the ticket holder gets a set of bobbleheads. My brother-in-law's friend didn't want them, so he was kind enough to give them to me. Thanks Greg!

The set consists of Ron Gardenhire, Delmon Young, Dan Gladden and Rick Aguilera. The season tickets bobbleheads have red bases, as opposed to the green ones used for the stadium give-away versions.

These will be great for getting autographed. I have a signed Gardenhire bobblehead, but it's the kind of bobblehead you buy at the Pro Shop, it wasn't a SGA (Stadium Give Away). I also have a signed Gladden bobblehead, which is part of the 1987 Twins set. But these will be great additions to my collection, and I've been watching for a Young bobblehead on eBay and never wanted to pay what they were going for.

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