Monday, October 02, 2023

Campaneris, Dobnak, Holtzman and Pascual Returns

I received four ttm returns today.

Bert Campaneris signed four cards for me, including some World Series highlight cards, his Stolen Based Leaders card from 1973 and his 1975 Topps.


Twin's pitcher Randy Dobnak signed his 2021 and 2022 Topps Heritage cards for me.  I sent these to his home in January to try to catch him there before spring training started but I missed him.  Then I sent these same two cards to him via Twins spring training which he returned last April.  He must be catching up on his mail at home now that the St. Paul Saints season is over (I'm assuming).

Ken Holtzman signed his 1976 Topps.

And Camilo Pascual signed his 1960 Topps All Star card as well as the 1962 Topps Strikeout Leaders card.  The Leaders card would have been pretty easy to complete ttm since all the players were relatively good signers.  I wish I had focused on more multi-player cards years ago.

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