Thursday, September 16, 2021

Juan Marichal and Wilbur Wood

My returns have been slowing down lately.  I still have a few mail-in signings pending, but not as many ttm requests out.

Today I received a return from Juan Marichal, who signed his 1964 Topps for his $10 fee.  I am not working on the 64 set very seriously, but I had this card lying around and it seemed a shame for it to be unsigned.

A while ago I sent a 65 Topps to Wilbur Wood who was kind enough to sign it, but he also personalized it and misspelled my name.  I decided to send to a mail-in signing to get another one done, and I received that back today.

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GTT said...

Beautiful Marichal.The Wilbur Wood is great, and I think I should send him a card too, seeing that I collect knucklers.