Friday, August 30, 2019

Jim Thome Allen & Ginters

Today I received an Ebay purchase of two signed Jim Thome Allen & Ginter cards from his time with the Twins.

I never had the opportunity to see Thome during his time here in Minnesota and now his paid signings are at least $80 per card.  I was able to pick both of these up for less than that combined, from a seller that also holds signings, so I'm confident in their authenticity.

Thome was a pretty good signer through the mail earlier in his career.  He signed his 2003 Topps Heritage for me back in 2006.

I didn't realize it when I bought it, but this card completes my Twins set for 2010, not including the "This Day in History" cards.

Here are the other cards:


Collecting Cutch said...

The penmanship on those guys is all above average from what many players do. However, Delmon's signature is just a few circles it looks like.

Droidtrader said...

I have several of Delmon Young's autographs that I've gotten in person, and it's consistent, but I have no idea how he came up with that signature. It doesn't look anything like his name.

Unknown said...

The times i met Delmon he seemed a bit "out there" to me, might explain his goofy signature, the Allen & Ginter's really do look nice though when they are signed in a thin blue sharpie !