Monday, August 27, 2018

Wilbur Wood - Mail-In Signing Return

Today I received three cards I sent in to a signing with Wilbur Wood.  Mr. Wood is a good signer through the mail, but personalizes.  I don't normally mind my cards being personalized, but he apparently also  personalized multi-signed cards.  I had two cards I wanted signed by all three players so I opted to pay for his signature.

He signed the 1972 Topps cards of A.L ERA Leaders and A.L. Pitching Leaders from the 1971 season.  I hope to be able to get all three players to sign both of these cards.  I'll probably send them off to Vida Blue next.

I also had his 1978 Topps signed.

Mr. Wood has five cards from the 1972 set, including his individual card, his Boyhood Photo card, and an "In Action" card.  I know have all five of his cards signed from this set.

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