Monday, June 04, 2018

Garry Roggenburk - 1963 Western Oil Nicholas Volpe Print

I received a very quick return from Garry Roggenburk who signed his 1963 Western Oil Nicholas Volpe print in just 6 days.

This makes 13 signed prints that I've received from this set. There are 24 prints in the set, but I think there are only one or two players left that I don't have that haven't passed away.

I had to buy a set of about a dozen of these unsigned prints on Ebay just to get the Mr. Roggenburk's.  I kept the prints of the deceased players that I didn't have yet and am trying to sell the others individually on Ebay.  These are rather hard to come by in decent shape, and they are usually sold in groups rather than individually.

The 1964 set seems even harder to come by.  I only have seven of those signed so far.

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