Saturday, December 09, 2017

Max Kepler Ball from FanHQ

I recently ordered a Max Kepler signed ball from Fan HQ and received it this week.  The signature is nice but there's a blue smudge on the panel below the sweet spot.  Not too big a deal, but I expect a little more from Fan HQ.  It's not worth trying to return.

With Rawlings official balls selling for about $20 each these days, I think my days of getting balls signed are limited to the stock I have on hand which includes some older ROMLB, a few Metrodome commemorative balls and some Rawlings Gold Glove balls.

I have not done any autograph requests lately.  I'm just too busy with other things and not interested in spending too much money.

I originally started this hobby to get a lot of the players form the 40's, 50's and 60's.  Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer of those players around these days, and I have many of their autographs already.  I think my collecting hobby will be largely limited to the Twins moving forward.

I'll still work on my 1958 and 1965 sets, buying authenticated cards a I can.

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