Saturday, November 19, 2016

Craigslist Purchase

I occasionally (okay, often), scan the local Craigslist ads for Twins memorabilia.  I rarely find anything other than people trying to sell their 1987 World Series Cereal boxes for outrageous amounts of money.

Last night I saw an ad for several signed ice cream helmets, including Jim Perry, Bert Blyleven, Kent Hrbek, Rod Carew and Kirby Puckett.  Of course it was the Puckett that was of interest to me, so I texted him right away.  I was told the seller was waiting on a reply from another interested buyer that wanted the Puckett and the Carew.  I just wanted the Puckett, but told the seller I had cash and could be there right away.  He was only asking $35 for the Puckett helmet.

We continued to text a bit and it turned out the seller was getting rid of all of his collection and he wanted me to come look at it.  I wasn't sure exactly what he had, and didn't want to drive for 30 minutes to look at more cereal boxes, so I told him I'd go take a look if the Puckett helmet was still for sale.  He said he'd sell it to me, so I took off right away!

When I got there, he had all his mini helmets on his desk, and the Puckett was really nice.  Based on the line up of signers, I assumed someone had gotten them at TwinsFest, and the seller confirmed that.

He showed me his other items, mostly vintage bobbleheads, but REALLY vintage bobbleheads.  He had some very cool Maris and Mantle bobbles from the 1960's, a couple Willie Mays and a lot more, including non-sports figures.

He showed me the old Twins bobbleheads he had.  The ones that they sold at Met Stadium in the 1960's. They were in great shape, and his asking price was very reasonable. I have always wanted one of these, but the price was a usually a bit too much for me and I thought I'd have to settle for a damaged one.

After some discussion, and looking at a few bats and balls he had, I was able to buy all four of the vintage bobbleheads and the Puckett helmet for all the cash I had in my wallet.  I had taken extra, not knowing what he might have, and I'm glad I did.

I'm having a little trouble finding information on exactly when these bobbles were sold as there's some conflicting information on the internet.  Now I might have to look into these in more detail and try to get them all!


zaneaxtman said...

colored base, 1960-1961, relatively cheap though but looks like yours in very good shape
1961-1963 that white base one is pretty rare. about $250-$400
Gold Base is a 1967-1972, also a very tough vintage bobblehead to find in good shape. 225-300
green base 1963-1965 again the Twins ones seem to be the thougher ones in these sets to find, 200-300

Droidtrader said...

Thanks Zane!

zaneaxtman said...

i dont know how accurate those prices are those came from a online price guide. i do like that green base one and know it sells fairly well